How to avoid weight gain over the holidays

December 10, 2018

How to avoid weight gain over the holidays

How many times have you enjoyed your holidays only to find yourself scared to stand on the scale when it's all over? Well have no fear! We've compiled a list of our best tips to help your waistline get through the holidays. 

Reduce the sugar

I know, it's probably the last thing most of you wanted to hear, especially in the first tip! But it's easily the most important one. Sugar is the number one cause of all weight gain, not just during the holidays. Cutting this one thing out, or even drastically reducing it can have serious benefits. So, get used to reading those pesky nutritional labels and comparing different products. If you’re like me, you LOVE eggnog! Just last week, I ended up at a different grocery store, so I grabbed a similar brand equivalent to what I had at home. When I got back and compared the nutritional labels, the one I just bought had an extra 12 grams of sugar per serving! Yikes!

You can also try baking your own Christmas treats at home! There are tons of healthier versions of the same treats all over the internet, so go ahead and have some fun! Not only will you be able to count the amount of sugar that goes into your treats, it’s a lot of fun the whole family can enjoy!

Make time for the gym

It might not help you lose weight, but it will help keep your calories in check as well as keep those endorphins pumping which is going to be super important with the days getting darker and darker. This also makes sure that you're starting the new year off from a good launching point rather than a deficit. 

Drink water

Keeping your water levels up boosts your metabolism! Who woulda thunk?! It also helps your body transport waste and will help your snack cravings by suppressing your appetite. Make sure to drink at least 8 glasses a day! Having a re-usable bottle handy will make it really easy to measure. Don’t have one? Grab one of our own Astra Athletica BlenderBottles available in our store!

Eat more protein

Eating protein will actually help you control your portion sizes because protein triggers the response in your stomach that tells your brain that it’s full. Also, your  metabolism will naturally increase because protein requires more energy to break down into fuel than carbs. 

Christmas shopping

Strolling the mall for hours is actually a great way to burn calories! But remember to keep a bottle of water with you. Because even though you aren’t working out, you’ll quickly find yourself getting dehydrated and wanting to grab something bad at the food court.

Play with the kids

Similar to an HIIT workout, playing with the kids is like sudden bursts of energy with bouts of rest in between. Or maybe it's just non stop until you're beat. Create some amazing holiday memories while burning calories!

Looking for more tips? Feel free to head over to our blog "5 Ways To Eat Healthy When You're In A Rush"

Well there you go! Now you're ready to enjoy the holidays without fearing the scale! Share with your friends by hitting one of the social share icons. Don't forget to leave us a comment below! Got any other tips? You can share those in the comments section too!


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