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November 08, 2018



When you’re working hard at your goals, there are likely a number of distractions that can steer you off course. So while you’re planning your road map to success, you’ll have to plan to sacrifice the things that are not essential to the outcome. This is the same in fitness, business, parenthood, and life. However, making these sacrifices can leave you feeling rather blue. So what’s the difference between a sacrifice and investment mindset? It’s actually quite simple. A sacrifice mindset means that you are thinking about the things that you are missing out on in order to reach your goals, whereas an investment mindset is thinking about the things that those sacrifices helped you focus on to achieve your goal. Here are some examples:

    1. Instead of thinking about missing out on that late night social (sacrifice), think about getting a good sleep so that you can make time for your workout before work (investment).
    2. Instead of thinking about forgoing the dessert or deep fried goodness, think about eating healthy so that you get the energy you need to be more productive (investment).


Making the switch from sacrifice to investment mindset is one of the easiest things you can start doing today to fuel your success mindset. So let’s do a little exercise to get you started!

STEP 1 - Print this worksheet (then skip to step #3) or grab a blank piece of paper

STEP 2 - Create two columns, one titled "SACRIFICE" and one titled "INVESTMENT"

STEP 3 - Write your goal at the top of the sheet

STEP 4 - Under "SACRIFICE" write down at least 3 things you are giving up to help you reach that big goal at the top of the page

STEP 5 - Now looking at what you wrote down, on the corresponding line under "INVESTMENT" write down how that sacrifice helps you towards your goal.

STEP 6 - Take a pair of scissors and cut out the "SACRIFICE" column and throw it in the recycling bin

Step 7 - Share your worksheet and inspire others using our hashtag #RiseThroughChallenge

You're all set!

Whenever you come to a point that you need to make a decision to sacrifice something, focus instead of how that decision is going to help you by mentally throwing that sacrifice in the trash.


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