Astra Athletica Ambassador Jasmit Phulka Wrestling

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Sport: Wrestling
Hometown: Abbotsford


In wrestling I feel like we have to overcome challenges daily. For example in 2017, at nationals I had to wrestle with a torn labrum and subscapularis tendon. I was last year’s returning silver medalist and had been training all year long for that gold medal. I ended up not even coming top 6 losing to opponents I had never lost to before. I was put in a difficult position with getting rehab on my shoulder and taking time off as well, but all I wanted to do was go out there and compete. This year I ended up getting back on the podium and being the alternate for the Canadian National team.


A lot of things drive me to work towards my goals on a daily basis, but I have 3 constant things that I remind myself every morning and night to keep me going. The reason is simply because of my family, grandpa, community. Family has always been there for me and always supports me fully in whatever I do. Sadly, I never got a chance to meet my grandpa. Talking to my family over the years I have gotten to know my grandpa through their stories. I know if we were to meet today he would be proud of me. But I always wanted to do something special and honor his name to keep his memory going. This drives me every day and keeps me going on the right track. Last but not least, I use my community to keep me going. I feel like as a young Indo-Canadian male, I did not have any role models to look up to. I always felt like I could not relate to any of these famous athletes growing up. I also want to help out the younger generation by showing them the positive impact that wrestling has had on my life. On the days where I need a little boost, I refer myself back to my 3 reasons that push me beyond my comfort zone. To say the least, I want to be a multiple time Olympic/World medallist.


There is always never enough funding in amateur sports. On a daily basis, I have to commute to SFU Burnaby twice a day form Abbotsford for training. We also have to fund a lot of tournaments ourselves because the national team usually only covers 1 or 2 international tournaments. To go the Olympics, I need at least 5 international tournaments a year to stay sharp and see the competition I will be facing. Also, we are always in need of funding for training camps because wrestling is a sport where you need to wrestle as many different people as possible and get a feel of different body types/wrestling styles that are out there.