Astra Athletica Ambassador Larkyn Austman Figure Skating

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Sport: Figure Skating
Hometown: Coquitlam, BC
Nickname: "Larkburger"


I have always loved skating, but sometimes it's not so easy to remember why. I "quit" skating for about 5 months when I was 16 as I felt that I had run my course with the sport, and I was frustrated with my lack of improvement. I was living and training away from home at the time, and I wasn't prepared for the struggles that came with taking care of myself and my mental health. After coming home and spending time away from the rink, I began to crave the feeling of skating again, and I knew that I had unfinished business in the skating world. I returned to the rink with a new coach and a new outlook on training, and I haven't looked back since!


So many things are a part of why I love to skate. Obviously I love to win, but that's not all that drives me. I love the feeling of landing a massive jump, or running a clean program, or even just coming home exhausted after a long training day. My favourite part about skating is getting to travel the world doing the thing that I love the most. 


Any and all extra support I can get will go directly to my skating. I frequently go down to Colorado Springs to train in the elite environment there, and it's very expensive. It's one of my favourite places to be as I love the environment, the other skaters, and the coaches. Other expenses that add up are ice fees, new skates about every 6 months, and choreography. All of these things are so critical to my success, and I appreciate any help I can get along the way!