Astra Athletica Ambassador Nikolas Wamsteeker Ice Dance

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Sport: Ice Dance
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Nickname: "Klaus"


Throughout my career I’ve faced broken bones, tendonitis, surgeries, cuts, stabs, and slices (from both my partner’s blades and mine) but the most difficult moment I faced in my sport was when I left it. I achieved early success when I first switched over from singles skating to ice dance at the age of 12 but at the age of 15 I decided to quit. The reasons behind this were myriad, and like most young teenagers probably widely blown out of proportion. I cut clean from the sport and found other avenues to pursue. I began seeing what life was like without having the regimented schedule that comes with being a high performance athlete. I hated it. After about a year I found that I was miserable without the constant challenge and focus that training and competing provided. As far as I was concerned, I had no choice but to return. So I dove back in. It definitely wasn’t easy though, I had to gain back a lot of people’s trust and I had to prove to everyone that I was still worth backing.  It took me two partnerships until I found the right match and even then it wasn’t immediate success. My partner, coaches, and I worked hard though and we went from being 10th in Junior our first year to being on the Senior National Team two years later.


I’m driven by passion and necessity. I’m fortunate enough to be doing something I love and something that has a depth to it that I feel I could spend a lifetime exploring and still be taken by surprise. Skating is, to me, the perfect blend of athleticism and artistry. I’m also not the type to sit still, and training is such a huge part of why I enjoy what I do. I love the grind. I like being constantly on the move and seeing just where my limits lie, and how I can push them farther.


Being a high performance athlete comes with inherent stresses and pressures. Some of them are what makes sport so much fun. However, financial pressures don’t lie in that realm. They drag on you and always occupy a corner of your mind. It’s an obstacle most athletes have to face, but fortunately unlike so many other challenges in sport, it’s one athletes don’t have to face alone. Any support is always appreciated and always put to good use.