Our Pathos

To create a culture of never quit. To be a collective of people that support each other to overcome their challenges in pursuit of their own greatness. We are not defined by our failures, we are only defined by what we do next.

Our Ethos

To make everyone around us better while making the world around us a better place for everyone. 

Meet Brent / co-founder

Brent Hayden is a 3x olympian, the first canadian to ever win an olympic medal in the 100m freestyle, a world champion, the first human under 48 sec without a bodysuit, and is a 32x canadian champion. as the fastest swimmer in canadian history who failed swimming lessons, he created astra to inspire others to never give up.

Meet Nadina / Co-founder

A star at the age of 7, Nadina used her fame to help the less fortunate, helping raise money for orphans and building playgrounds. In 1989, under the threat of bombs and gunfire, Nadina and her family fled from their home in Lebanon. Despite fracturing her back, Nadina qualified for nationals in swimming and later represented lebanon internationally. she created astra to inspire others to overcome their challenges.

Our process

From sketches to the final product, we are involved in every step of the journey. Every piece of fabric is hand selected. We scrutinize over every detail about the fabric such as feel, stretch, weight, and benefits (anti-odour, tolerance to sweat, etc.). We only team up with manufacturers who have a long standing reputation for quality, fair trade, fair wages, and ethically sourced materials. All of our products are completely custom to our specifications. We live in our samples and put them through rigorous real-life testing making as many necessary changes to be perfect.