Our Mission

To create a culture of never quit. To be a tribe of people that support each other to overcome their challenges in pursuit of their own greatness.

Our Culture

At Astra Athletica, we believe every great journey begins with an intention. Our goal is to fuel dreams and inspire greatness. No-one has ever made it to the Olympic podium by being satisfied with good enough. Every detail has to be scrutinized and perfected while doing away with what is unnecessary. We have poured this idea into our brand and every thing we produce.


Brent Hayden

From Mission BC, Brent has been written down as the fastest swimmer in Canadian history. An Olympic Bronze Medallist and World Champion, he knows firsthand the importance of dedication, perseverance and attention to detail.

Nadina Zarifeh

A star at the age of 7, Nadina used her fame to help the less fortunate, helping raise money for orphans and building playgrounds. In 1989, under the threat of bombs and gunfire, Nadina and her family fled from their home in Lebanon. She returned to music and released an album with Nettwerk Records in 2012. Her passion is creativity and encouraging those around her to chase their dreams.

Our Journey

After retiring from swimming in 2012, Brent became a motivational speaker. He shared his secrets on how he went from failing swimming lessons to becoming one of the fastest swimmers in the world, but more importantly the major challenges and failures he faced along the way. People were taking greatly to his messages, and he was even asked to do a Tedx talk about it…twice! He knew he had something that would inspire people, but he had to figure out how to get it out there. And thus, the concept of Astra Athletica began to take shape.

In 2013, while accompanying his wife Nadina on a media tour for her music in Egypt, Brent spent much of his spare time conceptualizing the brand. With the help of his wife, they decided apparel would be the best way to get the message out. Brent never felt that he had found apparel that could do everything he needed it to do: perform under pressure, while being comfortable and stylish enough to wear casually. So while they were still in Egypt, they toured an apparel factory to start learning the ins and outs of textiles.

Since 2014, Brent and Nadina have been working endlessly towards bringing apparel that is designed to inspire. To be your daily reminder to keep chasing your dreams and never give up.